Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 months old...

and look what I can do....

I can suck my thumb. I like my thumb way better then my binkie.
I can smile and laugh. I always have smiles for anyone who will talk to me. I am growing big. I now weigh 12 lbs and 13 ounces and I have grown to 23 inches. My mom is feeding me some good grub. I am doing great. I sleep good at night and am very happy. I can't wait to see what I learn to do in the next month.

Life is good...

Christmas preprations

Last Sunday was the First Presidencies Christmas message. What I got from it was that the prophet was saying simply, Christmas is about family, not the commerical aspect of the holiday. If you can't afford a big Christmas then don't have a big Christmas. It really reminded me not to get all caught up in the world and focus on my little family and what is best for us.
We have been having a fun making our Christmas special. We started by taking the kids to go pick out a tree. This is a new thing for them, because we have a fake tree. Of course, it is in storage. It was not a long process, because I think with the wind chill it was below zero.
Our next step was to make ornaments. We made popsicle snowflakes. We had glitter everywhere, but all the kids helped and had fun. We also made a special star for the top and added some candy canes.

Our little tree is done and it was picked and decorated with lots of fun, laughs, and love. These are the things the kids will remember. And of course, Christmas decorations are not complete without stockings.

As I finished hanging the stockings and checking to see if the were even. I felt such a peace, all the stockings are now hung. I truly felt complete.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Krew's Blessing

While in Arizona we had the opportunity to bless Krew. It was a wonderful day. Symen and I along with my sister, Janette and her husband Jim went to a early session at the Mesa Temple. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to go and spend time in the temple with husband. To feel the love of Lord and to be spiritually recharged.
We blessed Krew at home surround by family. (I consider the Ray's family too.) There was a lot of love in the room and it was great that my brother and father were there to share in the experience.

Krew, you were blessed by your Dad, Uncle Jim, and Aaron Ray. These are great men and wonderful examples of priesthood holders. Follow there examples.

You have a sweet, calm spirit about you. Just by holding you, I feel the world melt away and your peace fills my body. When I found out that I was pregnant with you, so many worries filled my mind. Now that you are here I know why you were sent to me now. You are my reminder on what my life here on this earth is about. Its about you, your siblings, and your dad. Family. I know with all my heart that we are eternal family and that alone blesses me beyond my needs.

You are loved by a Father in Heaven. He will be there for you every step of your life, he is there to bless you, comfort you, and guide you. All you need to do is ask. You are loved by so many. You were blessed to come into a very close family. They will all be there for you. I will always do whatever I can to help you, guide you, and I will always love you.

You have taught me; Blessing don't come when I want them, the come when I need them. And that Heavenly Father always knows when you need them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Krew is already trying to tell me something...

Wednesday bagels..

As I grew closer and closer to my due date with Krew, my doctors appointments went from every 2 week to every week. My appointments were always Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. I would take the kids to school then only have a few minutes before my appointment, so Zane and I would go and have orange juice and a bagel. We did this for the last month of my pregnancy. Zane has always been a mama's boy and being able to spend the one on one time with him, before Krew came was great. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him, just me and him.


I took the kids to the dentist a couple of weeks before Krew was due. To my surprise all the kids did great. This was Zanes first trip to the dentist, he sat there and got he teeth cleaned and even allowed them to take x-rays. The hygienist was very impressed, and so was I. Emilee and Garrit did not have any cavities and Zane had 2 cavities. As the dentist was talking with my about Zane's cavities Emilee had to tell the Dentist her thoughts on way he had the cavities.
"He has cavities because he stays home with my mom all day and they eat Oreos."

So a few weeks later, Zane had to go back to the dentist to have his cavities filled. They sedate the kids to do this. They gave him this drink and told me in about 10 minutes he would start to stumble and start get loopy. Around minute 8 I thought there is no way this kid is going to slow down. Then out of blue he couldn't walk or talk. I tried to have sit in my lap but he would not stay.

Mom- "Buddy, stay in my lap because you can't walk."

Zane- "Yes, I can mom."

Then he got off my lap took 2 steps and fell down. It was so funny to watch him. After his appointment I took him to get a doughnut, because he couldn't eat breakfast. He had a hard time eating it and actually he had a hard time holding on to it. He dropped the first one.

Here is video of him when we got home trying eat his doughnut. The poor kid was out of it. However, he never fell asleep. In about a hour he was back to his normal self.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a great Halloween this year. We loaded up the kiddos and headed up to Idaho, to spend Halloween with the Webers (Junior's boss or other family). We got up there on Friday evening. We went out to dinner with the whole gang. It was great the kids played with the Weber's grandkids and Krew got passed around so, Junior and I were able to eat with both hands and not have any kids bugging us. Emilee went and had a sleepover with the girls and the boys had a sleepover at the Webers. On Saturday morning Barbra made a great breakfast for us and the kids continued to play. Junior and I went to lunch and the kids played all day with their new friends. That evening we got all dressed and ready for the night. This year for Halloween Emilee wanted to be a bride, Garrit a ghost, Zane a tiger, and Krew was skeleton . After we were all ready we went to the church for the trunker-treat. The kids really enjoyed it. They went around a couple of time and filled their buckets. We then went back to the house for a dinner, games, and scary stories.
The kids loved their time up there. They played and played all weekend. It was so nice that had friends to play with and thing to entertain them. Mr. Krew never hit the floor. So, Junior and I got so time to relax. It was a nice weekend for us all.


Krew and I have thrush. It is common in nursing, it is fungal infection, kinda like a yeast infection. Anyways, it HURTS to nurse and luckily Krew is not being effected by it. However, it was recommend that the fastest way to get rid of it was this stuff called Gentian Violet. I am to put it on my breast then when he nurses he gets some in his mouth where his white patches are. What she didn't tell me is that it turns my son purple! Its a dye so he will be purple for a couple of days. Oh well, we have started might as well keep going. Whatever it takes to get this gone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Krew is home and things are settling in to place. He is a great baby, however, the last two nights he has been up all night. But Symen and my mom have been a great help. I stay up as long as possible then I pass him off.
Krew has been such a blessing in our home. He has such a calm and peaceful spirit about him. He reminds me to slow down and enjoy the small things. Things might be crazy around our house but someday it will be quiet and all I have is the memories of the chaos.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Krew is doing great. Early last night he found his voice. I got the camera out to capture his little sounds and instead I got him sneezing. The sounds that come from him are the sweetest. He has not really cried yet, however, he does let his option known when needs to eat. I heard that at 5:30 this morning. He is sweet little guy. And I am loving having the one on one time with him in the hospital. I know once I get home I have to fight 3 little kids that are going to want to have their time with him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome to the world...

Krew Micheal VanderLinden. He arrived October 10th at 2:38pm. Tipping the scales at 8 lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long.

I woke up Saturday morning about 3:30 am with contractions. I could tell that these contractions were not false labour again. I called my mom in AZ and gave her the heads up that today was going to be baby day. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes until about 6. They slowed down just enough to allow me a little power nap. At around 7 the kids were up and Symen was making them pancakes. We headed to hospital and checked in at 10:10.

To my surprise I was already dilated to a 6. Symen, Leah, and Tracee were all there with me. They were great coaches. They helped stay relaxed and focused. Without them I would not have been able to go naturally, which is something I really wanted to do. Things were going along great and when he was ready to come, he came. Two pushes and he was here. My sister who is in OK doing some training before she goes to Iraq was able to Skype in. She actually got see the baby before me. It was great that she was able to share my delivery with me. My mom, arrived shortly after around 4:00 pm.

He is so cute, he looks like Garrit and Zane mixed together. And man a live does this boy have hair. He has a full head of black hair. This would explain my bottle a week of Tums. Also, to no surprise he is a good eater.

The kids are excited that Krew is finally here.

So, here we are one big happy family. There is a sweet peace in knowing that my family is complete, that all my angles are here for me to love. I have a wonderful family and I am truly blessed by loving Heavenly Father.
P.S. I am doing great and I am feeling wonderful.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things never slow down.

Here I am only 4 days away from my due date and Emilee has a cold (which she is almost over)and Zaner is throwing up. So, I am asking all of you to put out positive thoughts out and prayers that Zane is only suffering from a 24 hour stomach bug.
My doctor appointment yesterday was uneventful. Nothing has changed. Yesterday that bumbed me out, today I think it is good news. Lets keep him in until the rest of family is healthy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dry Run...

Yesterday while watching conference, I started have some contractions. About 5 hours later they were 5 minutes apart. So, we packed up and headed to the hospital. By the time we got there I was in a good pattern. As soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, they stopped. Not just slowed down, they completely stopped. They soon started up and again and Symen and I started walking the halls. After walking the halls and waiting for the doctor, who happen to be there doing a c-section, the contractions were 2 minutes apart and back pains were kicking in. I really thought we would be having a baby. However, my cervix did not change. It has been the same for the last two weeks. So, we decided to go home and get some sleep. I was positive we would be back. However, to my surprise I woke up this morning and no contractions. False Labour.
So to no surprise this little guy is happy right were he is at. I am feeling good today, however, I am a little tired from the lack of sleep. But other than that, all is well. I will keep you up to date.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pregnancy Update...

Well here I am in my 38th week of pregnancy. According to the doctor this little guy is very happy were he is at. He still has not dropped and I am only about 1 or 2 cm dilated. I have a feeling that he is like his older brother, Zane. That kid never dropped until I was in full labor and dilated to a 5. But I am in no hurry to have him. My mom does not come up until the 13th.
This has been a good pregnancy for me. I don't feel as big as I look, so that is good. But now I understand why when I ask "how do I look?" the response is "You look very pregnant."
All is well and he will be here soon. His cradle, changing table, and cloths are all ready for him. Everyday, Emilee asks "are you going to the hospital today?" The kids are very excited to meet their baby brother and so am I. The count down has started and I will keep you updated on Krew's arrival.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Showered with love....

Saturday, my girlfriends from Heber came down to shower Krew and I with love and fun. We started our day getting pedicures. It was great because we were all in one room and were able to chat and laugh. Even at the age of 30 we were told we were being kind of loud for the salon. Seriously, what do expect when you get 5 women together.

After our pedicures, we did a little shopping. I found a cute little Halloween costume for Krew, I will post that later. After shopping we headed downtown Salt Lake to Bennihanna for lunch. Oh my goodness, I was in heaven. I have come to the stage in my pregnancy were I am not a fan of eating, well because there is no room. However, the food was awesome and even had some sushi. After our lunch we walked to the conference center, to attend the Relief Society Broadcast. This was my first time going to a conference. It was amazing. The Spirit that the Prophet brings in the room with him is unbelievable. The talks were great and I left feeling uplifted.
I had a great day spending time with my friends and enjoy the company of great women and getting some cute outfits for Krew. It was great to take the time for me before my little man arrives.

Backing up...

To the Heber Derby. It is sad to sad to say but I can't remember when we went to the derby. I do remember it was during our 2 week move. However, it was one of the highlights of the summer. This year once again we had the threat of rain. Luckily, it never came. Probably, because I was prepared this time.
Zane loved it. His favorite part was the tractors. "Mom, look at that big tractor." He loved watching them clean up and move cars around, which is good because this year it seem like it took forever in between rounds.
Garrit loved watching the cars crash. They would come out and he would pick his favorite and make everyone else pick too. To my surprise, he usually picked the winner.
We all had a great time at the derby this year. There were a couple of people they brought the ambulance in for, which added to the kids excitement. It was a fun time and hopefully we can go again next year.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day...Lake Powell

We rented a camper and loaded up the family and headed down to Halls Crossing. The kids were so excited about staying in the camper we could of just rented a camper and left it in the driveway for the weekend.
The kids loved sitting in the front of the boat and feeling the wind on their face. They were like dogs hanging their heads out a window. The would scream and say "go faster, Dad". Unfortunately, the result from them in the front of the boat was wind chapped faces.

We spent the days on the lake, then we would go back to the camper for dinner, movie, and bed. Symen took the kids tubing and hydro sliding. The first day I am not sure who was more tired. The kids or Dad.

Emilee, tried everything. She was able to pull herself up on the hydro slide, water ski, and she even tried to wake board. I think next year will be the year for the wake board.

Garrit, loved to swim off the back of the boat. He would just jump in and out all day. We did eventually get him on the hydro slide and the tub. He had fun, but wasn't thrilled to do it again.

Zane did everything we would let him. He went on the tub and the hydro slide with Dad. He loved every minute of it.

We had some friends that parked their boat at a beach, so everyday we would go to the beach and have some lunch and play in the sand.

Symen took the kids for a little hike.

Dad and Emilee on the hydro-slide. I laughed so hard watching these two, I thought I was going to go into labor.

Garrit and Dad on the hydro-slide. Is that a smile I see on Garrit?

Things went more smoothly with Zaner. Zane is loving it.

Hanging out at the beach.

Poor Garrit, the kid is so skinny, his pants would not stay up at all.

We had such a great time. It was good to spend some time together as a family, before things get turned upside down with the baby coming. As a kid Symen would go to Lake Powell with his family, he really enjoyed sharing this with his kids. I can't wait for next year when I will look good in a bath suit and be able to ski and play with the rest of them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Days of Summer!

Here are some of the fun things that we have been up to this summer.

Robin and Tyson sent the kids a slippin

slide for their birthdays. The kids had a lot of fun playing on it this summer. It was fun to watch them, it reminded me of when I was a kid and we would set up the slippin slide in the yard and Justin and I would spend hours out there. Zane thought that it also doubled as a drinking fountain.

We also took the kids up to Snowbird, a local ski resort. They went down the Alpine slide and did the air trampoline.Emilee was finally old enough to go down by herself. She was coming down at a good speed. The girl has no fear.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is only a test.

I got a new flip video camera and I am trying to figure out how to put the video on my blog. So that way you can see the gang.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A lot has happened in the VanderLinden household in the last few weeks. First, we rented out our house in Heber and moved. We put our house up for rent Thursday night, had a contract by Friday, and had to be out in 2 weeks. We are now living with Symen and Tracee, in West Jordan. It was hard to leave our perfect Heber, however, the Lord has blessed so much that it is hard to be sad. During our 2 week move, Emilee started school in West Jordan (they go year round here) so we had a crazy last week of going back and forth to Heber around school schedules.

Emilee is off to 2nd grade. I seriously have no idea when that girl grew up. She is so full of life, she wants to do everything and not miss out on one thing life has to offer her. She lives for now and enjoys every minute of day. She is a amazing girl, the world is hers for the taking.

Garrit started kindergarten. Yes, my little man is off to school. The day before school started Garrit had his kindergarten assessment. He came out and said "Mom, I pretty much know everything. Kindergarten is going to be so easy." The first day of school Symen was a little worried that he might not go to school as easily as Emilee did. However, he was excited and ready to go. As we walked closer to his classroom he got a little quieter and a little closer to me. I asked "Garrit, are you nervous?" he said "No, Mom." I reassured him that he was going to have so much fun and that he got to play on the playground. And as soon as he saw the playground he was gone. The only tears shed that day were from Mom. He is so fun to be around, he is our little family clown and lover. He always has a smile and I love you for you.

Zane is officially potty trained. I would not recommend trying to potty train while moving and being pregnant. However, he caught on quick. He is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He has a hard time every morning when we take the kids to school, he does not understand why he can't go to school also. He loves to be with his sister and brother. Zane is my buddy, he repeats a lot of my sayings. One night at dinner he asked for strawberry milk, I said "Sorry, buddy we are all out." He hung his head and said "For the love." Zane is so fun, everyone that meets him, just loves him.

Symen, is doing good. Now that the move is over, things are starting to settle into place. He now is able be to home from work in time for dinner and homework. I love having him home, I didn't realize how much I missed having him be part of our night time routine.
As for me I am doing good. I am heading into my 32nd week of pregnancy. I am feeling really good. I am getting excited about our little guy coming soon. I am having a hard time believing that I will have a newborn and going through all the stages again. It will be great, I want to enjoy it as much as possible because
he will be my last baby.
Things have been crazy the last few weeks for us, however, we are doing great.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Zane is potty trained.
We have been working on this little task for 4 days now. Today he woke up dry and has been telling me when he needs to go to the bathroom. We even were in the car and he had to go. He was able to hold it until we got to a bathroom. My little man is no longer a baby, he is now a little kid.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lavender Days

Janette, Jim, Jake, and Emma came up to Utah for a visit. While they were here we went to the Young Living Lavender Farms for Lavender Days. Janette, Jim, and Symen all ran in the 5K and I walked it with the kids and to my surprise I was not the last one done. It was so pretty walking through the purple fields, the weather was perfect it was over cast and cool. After the run Janette and the kids picked fresh lavender, so we could dry it and have the great smell of lavender in our homes. After our run we went back to camp, had breakfast, the kids swam, then we went to Heber and topped it off with a Granny's shake. What a great day.