Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This weekend we (ok, I picked the colors and the design and Symen painted) got the boys room painted and the bunk beds set up.

Above the 3 little windows, I am going to put the saying "sometimes being a brother, is better than being a superhero." in red vinyl. I am also, going to paint the big frame red.

Here is the boys bunk beds. Zane is doing very well in them. I laid down with him the first night for about 5 minutes, and that was it. Now he goes to bed just fine. The first night Zane woke up around 1:00 am, and Garrit comes to my room "Mom, Zane wanted me to bring him to you." I took Zane back to bed and Garrit crawled into bed with Symen. I am also going to put the boys pictures in the frames.

I have had these quilts for the boys for along time. I think I got them when I found I was having another boy. I have been waiting for when Zane was ready for a big boy bed.

Thanks for all of your hard work this weekend, Bade!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Looks like I am fallin...

...for fall. Right now is the most beautiful time of year here in Heber. The trees are changing and most of the trees are at their peek, so we only get to enjoy the beauty of the color for a couple more weeks, next we only see one color, WHITE!

Sunday after chruch, we headed down to Vivian Park, to enjoy a peaceful day at the park. We played soccer, the kids played in the creek, and we just had a good time enjoying a beautiful fall day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bear Lake

It was time for our little family to take a little vacation. So we packed up and headed to Bear Lake. For those of you how don't know, Bear Lake is about 3 hours from Salt Lake and 4 from our house. It is a big hot spot for those who live in Utah and it is famous for the raspberries that grow there. Symen and his family use to go to Bear Lake each year for a VanderLinden family reunion and on vacation when he was little boy. So it was fun to see where he spent some of his summers as kid.

The water at Bear Lake is always cold. This weekend it was pretty chilly because there was a breeze in the air. However, Emilee and Garrit still got in the water. Crazy kids. I miss the days of being young and temperature not being a factor.

After taking the boat out, we went and got famous raspberry shakes and chocolate covered raspberries. It was the yummiest treat!
What a great weekend to go and get away and enjoy time as a family.

Family fun weekend!

Dad was gone for 11 days, because he went on his yearly fishing trip to Buck's over Labor Day. He left for work in Idaho on Monday, went to Buck's on Thursday, leaving from Idaho, then returned to Idaho on Monday, worked till he came home on Thursday. So, with that being said, we were ready for some family fun.
On Friday, we started painting Emilee's room. We got all the strips done during the weekend, then I finished painting and hanging on Monday and Tuesday.

I love the way her room turned out, I just need to take pictures and put them in her frames.
Then on Saturday, we went hiking in the morning at Stewart's falls. It was a 3 mile hike in and another 3 out, the kids did great. Just about the time they began to whine, they could see the water fall.

After our hike we went home had lunch and pack our bag and went to go quad riding and spend the night at the cabin. Our cousin Justin and his family joined us for quad riding and pizza, we had a lot of fun.

On Sunday, we relaxed at home and enjoyed our time with Dad, before he left on Monday.

First day of pre-school!

Garrit has started he last year of pre-school. Next year he is off to kindergarten. Garrit loves going to school. On his first day, Mrs. Chez, his teacher told me "I see why Mrs. Sherilynn (his teacher last year) loves him so much. He is such a good kid."

Garrit was excited to find out that his teacher from last year, Mrs. Sherilynn (right) was team teaching with his new teacher Mrs. Chez (left). This made Garrit really happy because he really loved having Mrs. Sherilynn. However, he was looking forward to having Mrs. Chez because she is so fun. I told him it is the best of both worlds, you get Hannah Montana and Milley Cyrus at the same time.

I like to ride my BICYCLE, BICYCLE!

Last week Garrit wanted to practice riding his bike. However, he got on and he took off. He now loves to ride his bike. According to Garrit "I can ride my bike now, only with a little push".