Thursday, May 27, 2010


Krew has been working hard lately on crawling. I left him in the living room to go help Zane, I came back and found him coming out from behind the couch.
It is bitter-sweet now that he is crawling. He on his way to being a toddler and out of babyhood. I am cherishing everything he does, because I will never share this with another baby.


Zane: Mom, Janette is my favorite.
Emma: Is Janette your favorite Aunt?
Zane: No, Emma. Ants are not people!
Garrit was asked to stand today in his class and say what he wants to be when he grows up... A missonary.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emilee's Baptism pictures...

My friend Julie took some pictures of Emilee on the temple grounds in her dress. She did a great job.
I will post soon about her baptism, I need to get the pictures off of Jim's camara.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Garrit turns 6!!

Garrit is ALWAYS the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up. The boy loves his sleep, always has and probably always will. However, on his birthday he was up at 5:30.

He woke up to the traditional birthday breakfast, doughnuts and juice and a Army themed birthday.
The day was full of fun activities. We went to lunch at Barro's pizza and had pizza and wings. After lunch, I went into Garrit's class and helped out the passing out cupcakes. (He still thinks it is the best when mom comes into class. I better enjoy it while it last.)
After school, Grandma Becky and I took Garrit to the Lego Store at the mall. Garrit has never been there and has been asking to go for the past 2 months. The boy was in heaven. It looked at everything. He finally picked out a star wars ship.
For dinner, Garrit just wanted to stay home and have bow-tie pasta. So, we finally convinced Garrit to head over to panda express.

His cake started of being an army cake, I had a really cool idea. However, Garrit had a different idea. Starwars.Garrit had a hard time blowing out the candles, they were the sparklers.
The big hit of the night was his Nerf gun. You pump it full of air then it rapid fires 10 darts. All the boys loved it. Jake and Brett have asked for one for their birthdays.

Garrit is all boy. He loves guns (shooting with Janette is his favorite), playing Wii with Jake, riding bikes, and anything that gets him dirty. Garrit has a sweet soul. He is always the first with an I love you and a hug.
Happy Birthday Moguie!

7 months...

This month has been very eventful for me. I started the month with one tooth, now one month later I have 6. Yep, you got it I cut 5 teeth in a month. Luckily for my mom, I was not crabby at all. Until, she took me for shots. The combination of cutting teeth and shots made me feel cruddy. So for about 4 days I had a fever and was up a lot at night. But Mom and I finally got sleep thanks to a lavender bath, lavender lotion, Motrin, and teething gel.
I am almost crawling. Give me a few more weeks and I will be all over the place. I am still growing big. I am weighing in at 21 pounds. What can I say, my mom makes cream and I love to nurse.
Well until next month.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garrit: "Mom, when are you going to get a job?"
Mom: "I already have a job."
Garrit: "No you don't."
Mom: "Who cleans your bathroom?"
Garrit: "I do"
Mom: "Who makes dinner?"
Garrit: "I do, and sometimes you"
Mom: "Who does your laundry?"
Garrit: "You"
Mom: " What about dad, when is he going to get a job?"
Garrit: "Dad has a job, he works for that guy."
Gotta love being a mom, your hard work is seen by all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emilee 8th Birthday...

Emilee's birthday started with a birthday breakfast of doughnuts and juice. She headed out the door for school with doughnuts in hand to share with her class. We have started a birthday tradition of being picked up from school and going to lunch with mom or dad. Seriously, you shouldn't have to eat PB&J on your birthday. So, at lunch we head over to Subway for a kids pack.
After school I finished working on her birthday cake. I thought I would try something new, a black forrest cake. It sounded easy enough. Well, things didn't go as planned and it ended in Emilee in tears and me feeling like the worst mom for messing up the cake. So, we ran over to Albertsons and bought a new cake.Her dinner choice was YC's. This is a family favorite and is on deck for Garrit's birthday.

Here is cake number 2, a lot prettier then mine, however, mine tasted way better.
I bought candles that were sparklers, they freaked out Emilee. She is always worried about safety.We started singing happy birthday, and Emilee started singing to herself. Its just natural to start singing, she is the 4th birthday in April.And of course, she loved opening her gifts. Its hard to believe that my peanut is 8 already.


My sweet cousin Kandi passed away last month. She has battled rheumatiod arthritis her whole life. Being around her was like being next to the sun. She was always sunny and had a bright outlook on life. She will truly be missed.

Mom, Clay, Krew, and I went back to Galesburg, Ill for her celebration of life. We left Friday on the 6:30 a.m. flight, so that means we woke up at 3:30 to get ready and out the door. (If you have ever traveled with my mom, she needs to be at the airport at least 2 hours early.)

Krew did great on the 3 hour flight. Thanks to a little Benadryl. He was happy and playing then, wham! He was out.
He only cried when we descended and his ear hurt. I received a bunch of complements on how well he did.
On Saturday we drove 3 hours to Chicago to pick up my brother, Justin. Going to Chicago is never a bad deal, because of Garrett's popcorn and Gino's pizza.

We ordered our pizza and while we waited for it to cook, we walked 6 blocks picked up some popcorn and made it back in time for some pizza.

Sunday we went to Kandi's celebration of life. It was really nice. Kandi would have loved it. We danced, chatted, ate, and enjoyed time together as a family.

Here is Krew with Jessica. Jessica is the oldest of the great-grandchildren and Krew is the
youngest. Is it just me or do they look alike?

Justin and me with our cousins. The only one that was missing was Janette. The last time we had all of us together was my wedding 11 years ago.

Here is Grandma and her grandkids.

It was a great trip, however, I was definitely worn out when I got home. Krew was amazing. He was passed around, woken from naps, and never got to sit and play. He never fussed or cried, he just went with the flow. As my grandma whould say, "If I had a dime, for everytime someone told me, how good or how cute Krew was, I would be rich".