Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where to start...

It has been a crazy month here at the VanNelson household. With all that is going on my blog has been put on the back burner. So, sit down (you might want to get a snack or drink) relax, and catch up with us.

9 months...

Another month has gone by. I am walking my way around everything I can. I am also starting to stand by myself. I eat all the time. And just because I am a "baby" that doesn't mean I don't know when you are eating. If you are eating and I am not. That's a problem for you and me.

I am such a happy little guy. I am always smiling and laughing. I love to play with my brothers and the girls take good care of me. What more can a guy ask for.

We will see what next month has in store for me.



4th of July!!

We packed up the family and headed down to Sierra Vista, were Tyson and Robin live. We had a lot of fun. The kids love to play together. We made smores. I have to be honest, wood, a liter, gasoline, and 3 males. I don't think Mr. Safety would approve of this. However, they got the fire started with out the gas. Zane tried out some new shoes. I don't think red is his color.
We swam, played at the park and watched fire works. While the dad's took the kiddos to fire works Robin and I got a chance to sit and chat. I have such a wonderful sister-in-law. It was a good old fashion American 4th of July. Family, food, and fireworks.

Wrestling with Dad...
The kids love when Dad does Steamroller!! They all lay on the bed and Symen tells them a nice soft story about sticks on the beach or in this case dead snakes in the road.

Then all of a sudden, as steamroller comes by. And he rolls over them.

Army man...
At a birthday party the kids received army paint. Zane and Garrit had fun with it. Now my sister wants to get the boys the real stuff. (No thank you, Janette)

Zane's Army face.

Janette came home for R&R...

Janette has been in Iraq for almost 9 months, she left 5 days before Krew was born. She came home for 14 days on R&R. When I hugged her, I could not let go. It was so amazing having her home.

We had a ton of fun while she was home. We went to a Cubs game. It was amazing, it had everything you need at a game. Hot dogs, popcorn, Mom almost getting hit by a home run ball, and a good old fashion fan fight. You would have thought your were in Chicago there was more Cub fans the Diamondback fans. It was great time.

And the Cubbies won!! As my sister said on Facebook, this picture says it all. Even the crazy guy holding the flag, he was the one that started the fight.
We went and saw Eclipse. Janette has been reading the books while in Iraq, so to go see it with her was really fun. The movie was great. It ran pretty close to the book.

She spent time teaching Jake the Rubik cube. Janette and I also did a puzzle. When we are in the nursing home together, that is what we will be doing. We ate and ate.The best was Janette reading with Zane. For his birthday he got How does a dinosaur say I love you. We read it every night, so he has it memorized. He has been telling Janette about since February. So the first morning she was home Zane got his books.

Zane loves Janette. When we were at the airport waiting for her bag. Zane held tight to her leg.

The tooth fairy stop by...
Garrit lost his first tooth. It was getting pretty wiggly, however, the kid would not let me touch it. After, eating his hot dog on a stick he noticed his tooth fell out. My first thoughts were "Crud" but luckily the tooth was lying right on the table. He was so excited. I love his face in this picture.


The only thing to do in AZ during the summer...

Swim! We have been spending a ton of time out in the pool. Garrit and Zane took lessons this year and they are both swimming. The kiddos are so tan it is just crazy talk.

Emilee's Baptism.

On, May 15th

Emilee was baptised. It was such a special day for her. She started her day off with a quick trip to Sunsplash (can't pass up free tickets and our PKU friends) We did all the big rides in 1 hour.

We headed over to the church and she got dressed. She was so excited, she did not stop smiling. It was so great to watch Symen baptize her. A fathers love is amazing. She was confirmed by some of the same men that blessed her, Dad, Uncle Aaron, Grandpa Salisbury, and some new ones too. Joel, John, Nate, and Scott.

She is already diving into her new scriptures (which made me cry when I saw her name on them). She is being such a good example to her brothers. Emilee loves church and her family. She gets up every fast Sunday and shares her testimony.

It was a great day. We had family and friends from all over to share this day with her. There was a lot of love for her.

Are you tired yet?

Zane is. He fell asleep one night watching Jake play computer. This boy can sleep anywhere.

This is what we have been up to. Its been a crazy month, but it has been a lot of fun.