Sunday, November 8, 2009

Krew is already trying to tell me something...

Wednesday bagels..

As I grew closer and closer to my due date with Krew, my doctors appointments went from every 2 week to every week. My appointments were always Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. I would take the kids to school then only have a few minutes before my appointment, so Zane and I would go and have orange juice and a bagel. We did this for the last month of my pregnancy. Zane has always been a mama's boy and being able to spend the one on one time with him, before Krew came was great. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him, just me and him.


I took the kids to the dentist a couple of weeks before Krew was due. To my surprise all the kids did great. This was Zanes first trip to the dentist, he sat there and got he teeth cleaned and even allowed them to take x-rays. The hygienist was very impressed, and so was I. Emilee and Garrit did not have any cavities and Zane had 2 cavities. As the dentist was talking with my about Zane's cavities Emilee had to tell the Dentist her thoughts on way he had the cavities.
"He has cavities because he stays home with my mom all day and they eat Oreos."

So a few weeks later, Zane had to go back to the dentist to have his cavities filled. They sedate the kids to do this. They gave him this drink and told me in about 10 minutes he would start to stumble and start get loopy. Around minute 8 I thought there is no way this kid is going to slow down. Then out of blue he couldn't walk or talk. I tried to have sit in my lap but he would not stay.

Mom- "Buddy, stay in my lap because you can't walk."

Zane- "Yes, I can mom."

Then he got off my lap took 2 steps and fell down. It was so funny to watch him. After his appointment I took him to get a doughnut, because he couldn't eat breakfast. He had a hard time eating it and actually he had a hard time holding on to it. He dropped the first one.

Here is video of him when we got home trying eat his doughnut. The poor kid was out of it. However, he never fell asleep. In about a hour he was back to his normal self.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a great Halloween this year. We loaded up the kiddos and headed up to Idaho, to spend Halloween with the Webers (Junior's boss or other family). We got up there on Friday evening. We went out to dinner with the whole gang. It was great the kids played with the Weber's grandkids and Krew got passed around so, Junior and I were able to eat with both hands and not have any kids bugging us. Emilee went and had a sleepover with the girls and the boys had a sleepover at the Webers. On Saturday morning Barbra made a great breakfast for us and the kids continued to play. Junior and I went to lunch and the kids played all day with their new friends. That evening we got all dressed and ready for the night. This year for Halloween Emilee wanted to be a bride, Garrit a ghost, Zane a tiger, and Krew was skeleton . After we were all ready we went to the church for the trunker-treat. The kids really enjoyed it. They went around a couple of time and filled their buckets. We then went back to the house for a dinner, games, and scary stories.
The kids loved their time up there. They played and played all weekend. It was so nice that had friends to play with and thing to entertain them. Mr. Krew never hit the floor. So, Junior and I got so time to relax. It was a nice weekend for us all.


Krew and I have thrush. It is common in nursing, it is fungal infection, kinda like a yeast infection. Anyways, it HURTS to nurse and luckily Krew is not being effected by it. However, it was recommend that the fastest way to get rid of it was this stuff called Gentian Violet. I am to put it on my breast then when he nurses he gets some in his mouth where his white patches are. What she didn't tell me is that it turns my son purple! Its a dye so he will be purple for a couple of days. Oh well, we have started might as well keep going. Whatever it takes to get this gone.