Monday, May 26, 2008

Garrit's 4th Birthday!

My little man is 4! Garrit decided about a month before his birthday that he was into Star Wars. So we had a Star Wars birthday party. We had a party at the park in our neighborhood. We had cousins from Salt Lake, friends, and Grandma Becky came from AZ.
It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast just playing and having cupcakes. Garrit received a lot of Star Wars figures, Lego's, a scooter, and all 6 Star Wars movies. The kid is in Star Wars heaven. On his May 7th, his actual birthday, we went to dinner then had the neighbors over for cake. He had a great birthday.

Emilee's 6th Birthday!

She is 6 now! Emilee had the never ending birthday this year. For her birthday Emilee and I (Jen) meet Aunt Janette, Cousin Emma (it was her birthday also), and Grandma Becky in California. We meet at the airport then we went to the American Girl Place in LA. The girls had a blast picking out new stuff for their dolls and having their dolls hair done. On the Friday before her birthday I surprised her after school with a Hannah Montana party with a few of her girl friends. They dressed up and danced to Hannah Montana. Then on April 27th, her actual birthday we went to dinner and had cake at home with our neighbors. Then to top it off on Monday, I got to come in to her class and bring root beer floats. What a birthday Emilee had.

We are enjoying our Spring!
We live in such a great neighborhood. Now that spring has arrived there are always kids playing at the park, riding bikes, or just playing in the grass. We are really enjoying our weather. During the day it is the 70's then drops when the sun goes down. The kids love being outside. And that makes for one happy Mom.
Here is Junior doing his new favorite job. Sloving the snow.

OK, so I have been a little behind on blogging. Hopefully, I will get a little better at it.

We are here in beautiful Utah. We have been here for 10 months now, which means we survived our first winter. And man alive was it a long winter. Our neighbors told us that they have not had that much snow since 1993. The kids loved playing in the snow. We made snowman, went sledding, and had a couple of snow ball fights. The dog on the other hand did not like the snow. It took her awhile to get use to doing her business in the snow.