Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday...to me!

This year for my birthday, I wanted pictures of my kiddos. So, here are a few that I have received so far. I can't wait to get the rest.
My Handsome boys... I Love this picture...
Beautiful, Sweet, Sassy Emilee...I love, love my turkey drumstick, that is what his thighs look like...
I could just eat him... Another year has past and I am one year older. I can honestly say that I am also, 1 year wiser too. This past year has taught me many things. Especially, to love and cherish the time I have with these kiddos. Because, before I know it they will be on missions, married, and having their own kids.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 Months...

Wow, what a month it has been. I got my first hair cut. It wasn't bad, I didn't even cry. Although my mom did. I look a lot different now, it took my family a couple of days to get use to it. And for some funny reason all I hear is "He looks like Zane now."
I also started sitting up. That makes me feel like a big boy now.

I have started eating food. And, I LOVE IT!! I am up to 2 jars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If someone else is eating, I need to eat too. I can't wait to have some real food. They tell my mom "You got a Brett on your hands." This is me and my cousin Brett, he is 17 and a varsity football player for Red Mountain. I want to be like him someday.

And finally, I have cut my first tooth. My mom is a little nervous about it though. I am still nursing and she has never nursed a baby with teeth. I don't think teething is that bad. I don't fuss, I just drool a ton and it gives me a rash under my neck. But, its not so bad. Because as soon as I get teeth, I can have real food!
I weigh in at 19.5 pounds and I am wearing 12-18 months. We also found out that I am sensitive to milk. My mom has cut out milk from her diet and we are trying different types of formula. Milk makes my sink break out really bad and I become very gassy.I am a big boy but I am happy as always. I am half way to my birthday and CAKE!! I did so much this month I wonder what next month has in store for me.


Easter all starts with the dying of the eggs. The kids were very excited to color the eggs,however, I was a little nervous. 4 very excited kids, 3 dozen eggs, 10 colors of dye, and 1 mom.
It turned out great. The kids all took turns and worked together. We only had 1 spill, 5 cracked eggs, and 40 dyed fingers. During egg dying I really missed my sister. This is one of Janette's favorite things to do. I find comfort in knowing that she is doing the same thing in Iraq.
Easter morning came VERY early this year. At about 6 a.m. I hear "Mom, are you and Krew awake yet?" I was able to hold them at bay until about 6:45. This is why Jake is not in any of the pictures. They all loved the treats and movies that the Easter Bunny left.

The Easter Bunny this year changed things up. He hid all the eggs in the front yard, instead of in the house or the back yard. This was a good thing because the kids would have had all the eggs found and collected before anyone was awake.

Easter this year was great. Easter fell on Conference weekend so we had a very relaxed day watching conference and hearing the words of the prophet. Instead of the big Easter dinner, Symen made a amazing breakfast and we had steaks and salad for dinner. It was a fun day, however, it just wasn't the same without Janette. I am looking forward for her to come home and we can start to build memories together.Posted by Picasa