Thursday, August 20, 2009

Days of Summer!

Here are some of the fun things that we have been up to this summer.

Robin and Tyson sent the kids a slippin

slide for their birthdays. The kids had a lot of fun playing on it this summer. It was fun to watch them, it reminded me of when I was a kid and we would set up the slippin slide in the yard and Justin and I would spend hours out there. Zane thought that it also doubled as a drinking fountain.

We also took the kids up to Snowbird, a local ski resort. They went down the Alpine slide and did the air trampoline.Emilee was finally old enough to go down by herself. She was coming down at a good speed. The girl has no fear.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is only a test.

I got a new flip video camera and I am trying to figure out how to put the video on my blog. So that way you can see the gang.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A lot has happened in the VanderLinden household in the last few weeks. First, we rented out our house in Heber and moved. We put our house up for rent Thursday night, had a contract by Friday, and had to be out in 2 weeks. We are now living with Symen and Tracee, in West Jordan. It was hard to leave our perfect Heber, however, the Lord has blessed so much that it is hard to be sad. During our 2 week move, Emilee started school in West Jordan (they go year round here) so we had a crazy last week of going back and forth to Heber around school schedules.

Emilee is off to 2nd grade. I seriously have no idea when that girl grew up. She is so full of life, she wants to do everything and not miss out on one thing life has to offer her. She lives for now and enjoys every minute of day. She is a amazing girl, the world is hers for the taking.

Garrit started kindergarten. Yes, my little man is off to school. The day before school started Garrit had his kindergarten assessment. He came out and said "Mom, I pretty much know everything. Kindergarten is going to be so easy." The first day of school Symen was a little worried that he might not go to school as easily as Emilee did. However, he was excited and ready to go. As we walked closer to his classroom he got a little quieter and a little closer to me. I asked "Garrit, are you nervous?" he said "No, Mom." I reassured him that he was going to have so much fun and that he got to play on the playground. And as soon as he saw the playground he was gone. The only tears shed that day were from Mom. He is so fun to be around, he is our little family clown and lover. He always has a smile and I love you for you.

Zane is officially potty trained. I would not recommend trying to potty train while moving and being pregnant. However, he caught on quick. He is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He has a hard time every morning when we take the kids to school, he does not understand why he can't go to school also. He loves to be with his sister and brother. Zane is my buddy, he repeats a lot of my sayings. One night at dinner he asked for strawberry milk, I said "Sorry, buddy we are all out." He hung his head and said "For the love." Zane is so fun, everyone that meets him, just loves him.

Symen, is doing good. Now that the move is over, things are starting to settle into place. He now is able be to home from work in time for dinner and homework. I love having him home, I didn't realize how much I missed having him be part of our night time routine.
As for me I am doing good. I am heading into my 32nd week of pregnancy. I am feeling really good. I am getting excited about our little guy coming soon. I am having a hard time believing that I will have a newborn and going through all the stages again. It will be great, I want to enjoy it as much as possible because
he will be my last baby.
Things have been crazy the last few weeks for us, however, we are doing great.