Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Krew is home and things are settling in to place. He is a great baby, however, the last two nights he has been up all night. But Symen and my mom have been a great help. I stay up as long as possible then I pass him off.
Krew has been such a blessing in our home. He has such a calm and peaceful spirit about him. He reminds me to slow down and enjoy the small things. Things might be crazy around our house but someday it will be quiet and all I have is the memories of the chaos.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Krew is doing great. Early last night he found his voice. I got the camera out to capture his little sounds and instead I got him sneezing. The sounds that come from him are the sweetest. He has not really cried yet, however, he does let his option known when needs to eat. I heard that at 5:30 this morning. He is sweet little guy. And I am loving having the one on one time with him in the hospital. I know once I get home I have to fight 3 little kids that are going to want to have their time with him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome to the world...

Krew Micheal VanderLinden. He arrived October 10th at 2:38pm. Tipping the scales at 8 lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long.

I woke up Saturday morning about 3:30 am with contractions. I could tell that these contractions were not false labour again. I called my mom in AZ and gave her the heads up that today was going to be baby day. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes until about 6. They slowed down just enough to allow me a little power nap. At around 7 the kids were up and Symen was making them pancakes. We headed to hospital and checked in at 10:10.

To my surprise I was already dilated to a 6. Symen, Leah, and Tracee were all there with me. They were great coaches. They helped stay relaxed and focused. Without them I would not have been able to go naturally, which is something I really wanted to do. Things were going along great and when he was ready to come, he came. Two pushes and he was here. My sister who is in OK doing some training before she goes to Iraq was able to Skype in. She actually got see the baby before me. It was great that she was able to share my delivery with me. My mom, arrived shortly after around 4:00 pm.

He is so cute, he looks like Garrit and Zane mixed together. And man a live does this boy have hair. He has a full head of black hair. This would explain my bottle a week of Tums. Also, to no surprise he is a good eater.

The kids are excited that Krew is finally here.

So, here we are one big happy family. There is a sweet peace in knowing that my family is complete, that all my angles are here for me to love. I have a wonderful family and I am truly blessed by loving Heavenly Father.
P.S. I am doing great and I am feeling wonderful.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things never slow down.

Here I am only 4 days away from my due date and Emilee has a cold (which she is almost over)and Zaner is throwing up. So, I am asking all of you to put out positive thoughts out and prayers that Zane is only suffering from a 24 hour stomach bug.
My doctor appointment yesterday was uneventful. Nothing has changed. Yesterday that bumbed me out, today I think it is good news. Lets keep him in until the rest of family is healthy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dry Run...

Yesterday while watching conference, I started have some contractions. About 5 hours later they were 5 minutes apart. So, we packed up and headed to the hospital. By the time we got there I was in a good pattern. As soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, they stopped. Not just slowed down, they completely stopped. They soon started up and again and Symen and I started walking the halls. After walking the halls and waiting for the doctor, who happen to be there doing a c-section, the contractions were 2 minutes apart and back pains were kicking in. I really thought we would be having a baby. However, my cervix did not change. It has been the same for the last two weeks. So, we decided to go home and get some sleep. I was positive we would be back. However, to my surprise I woke up this morning and no contractions. False Labour.
So to no surprise this little guy is happy right were he is at. I am feeling good today, however, I am a little tired from the lack of sleep. But other than that, all is well. I will keep you up to date.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pregnancy Update...

Well here I am in my 38th week of pregnancy. According to the doctor this little guy is very happy were he is at. He still has not dropped and I am only about 1 or 2 cm dilated. I have a feeling that he is like his older brother, Zane. That kid never dropped until I was in full labor and dilated to a 5. But I am in no hurry to have him. My mom does not come up until the 13th.
This has been a good pregnancy for me. I don't feel as big as I look, so that is good. But now I understand why when I ask "how do I look?" the response is "You look very pregnant."
All is well and he will be here soon. His cradle, changing table, and cloths are all ready for him. Everyday, Emilee asks "are you going to the hospital today?" The kids are very excited to meet their baby brother and so am I. The count down has started and I will keep you updated on Krew's arrival.