Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to do on a rainy day?

jump on a trampoline, of course.

the kids were having so much fun jumping in the pouring rain.
All but one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 months

What a month it has been. I have started working on rolling over. I get about 1/2 way, then I quit. I love to talk. I will lay and the floor and talk for 30 minutes. I don't like my crib. So my mom will let me sleep in her bed, as long as I sleep good for her. I still love to eat, it shows in my weight, I am a big boy. And as always, I am a happy boy. My brothers, sister, cousins, and my grandma are always playing with me. Life is good. Next month should be exciting, my mom keeps talking about cereal.

Liquid Gold...

That is what we call fresh squeezed orange juice.

It is even better when we make it with Grandma Becky.

Sunny day at the park...

We are enjoying life here in Arizona. On our day of school, I loaded up the kiddos and headed to the park. The grass was green, the weather was perfect, and kids had a blast.

Brett came along to help with the kids. We even got some time to play catch.

Zane got his first baseball practice.

The kid got potential.

We had a great afternoon at the park. We are definitly enjoying the nice weather while we have it.


They say you get the kind of kids that you were.

Well, if that is true, Zane is my kid.

The kids were outside playing in the Landcuiser, while I was cooking. I here Emilee scream "Zane is bleeding!" Honestly, I was not alarmed. The kid is always bleeding. Until, I see Jim caring the kid in the house and the blood coming between his little fingers.

No worries, nothing a cold wash cloth, Dad's butterflying skills, and a kiss from Mom can't heal.
By the way this is what happens when you get out of the Landcuiser and fall flat on your face on to concert.


I LOVE that I have 3 boys. Garrit and Zane enjoy playing Starwars, Indiana Jones, and anything boy together. I can't wait until Krew is out there playing with them. I hope that the boys remain close and treasure their friendship.