Friday, April 24, 2009


We got to spend Easter in Arizona. Janette helped the kids color eggs. For some reason when I think of my sister, Easter eggs are always something I think about. To me she is the Easter egg guru. I have no idea why.
The kids all colored thier Easter eggs, all except Zane. He slept through the excitment.
Easter morning the kids were up and ready to find eggs. Just like Christmas, Zane did not want to sit with his brother and sister for a picture. So I got one of Emilee and Garrit together and one of Zane.

Emilee's 1st grade program.

For weeks Emilee practiced around the house singing about 3 or 4 different songs. I really was confused on what she was going to be doing in her schoool program. Her class sang a song together, then she was picked to do a song with other selected 1st graders from different classes, kinda of like a finale to the show.

Her class sang "It's great to be a sailor." It was really cute. I wish I had a video camera.

Then she sang with the selected others "I am going to be a movie star".

The whole program was really cute. Each class sang a song about what they could be when they grew up. After the program I got lots of compliments about Emilee and how great she did. I think she would enjoy more drama classes than dance. She defiantly is a star.

Garrit's new love...

Garrit is my picky eater. His favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Junior made me french toast for breakfast (my first pregnancy request). After one bite the kid was in love. The rest of the week Garrit asked Dad for french toast. However, around our house french toast is a weekend thing. So, Dad promised Garrit french toast the next weekend. Symen had to leave the house Saturday morning by 7 a.m. Garrit asked to be woken up to help dad make french toast. And he did. The boy was up at 6:30 to enjoy his french toast.

Zane's new hat.

Mr. Zane is really into dinosaurs. I went into this little baby store in Provo and Zane found this dinosaur hat. Of course, I had to buy it for him. He wears it ALL the time. The first few nights he slept in it.
I love it because it wears it to the side or backwards because he can't see if it is the front.

The hat is no longer that bright. We have had it for about a month now.