Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Zane is potty trained.
We have been working on this little task for 4 days now. Today he woke up dry and has been telling me when he needs to go to the bathroom. We even were in the car and he had to go. He was able to hold it until we got to a bathroom. My little man is no longer a baby, he is now a little kid.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lavender Days

Janette, Jim, Jake, and Emma came up to Utah for a visit. While they were here we went to the Young Living Lavender Farms for Lavender Days. Janette, Jim, and Symen all ran in the 5K and I walked it with the kids and to my surprise I was not the last one done. It was so pretty walking through the purple fields, the weather was perfect it was over cast and cool. After the run Janette and the kids picked fresh lavender, so we could dry it and have the great smell of lavender in our homes. After our run we went back to camp, had breakfast, the kids swam, then we went to Heber and topped it off with a Granny's shake. What a great day.