Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holly Cow.....

Part One..
I have no idea where to even start. October had to be the CRAZIEST month of my life. It has taken me 2 weeks of November to get back on my feet. I keep putting off the blog, however, the blog fairy has not stopped by yet. So, that leaves me to do it.

So Here I Go....

September 28th...

Janette came home from Iraq. What a great day. Her flight was delayed and delayed again. It was like waiting to go into labour. You know it going to happen, you just don't know when. All the families gathered at the National Guard hanger at Sky Harbor. They opened the big hanger doors and the troops came in lined up in formation. Some big wigs said something. Really who cares, just release the soldiers. It has been great having her home. I forget half the time that I can call her anytime I need to. I missed her so much, so glad that is over.

September 29th...

Krew starts walking. He had been taking a lot of steps, however, he never took more then one or two. I keep saying, "he is going to wait until Janette gets home." And sure enough, he did.

October 1st...
The start of Fall Break. Symen and I thought it would be a great time to take the kiddos to Disneyland. So, we load up the kiddos and off we went to meet Grandpa Symen and Granny in California. We spent 2 full days in Disneyland and we had a BLAST!!

Going during October is so fun, it is all decked out in Halloween. My sister would love it, her two favorite things Disney and Halloween.

We spent the first day in Disneyland. We did it all. It was great, Zane was exactly 40 inches. So he was able to go on all the rides, except Indiana Jones. The kids loved the railroad roller coaster, honestly it made kinda sick. But I did it. Zane thought that space mountain was a little scary, but he did it! It was great we got there when the park opened, went on all the big rides before lunch, had a picinc lunch, and was back riding rides. Grandpa had us on a schedule for rides. He would go and get fast passes for us while we were on one ride, then send us off to another when we got off. It was great. The weather was prefect. On the second day it rained a little, not enough to stop us though. My favorite part, was the pineapple float. Pineapple soft sever with pineapple juice. YUMMY!!

We spent day two in Califorina. I keep telling Symen, Grandpa, and Granny how fun Toy Story is. We had to do it first, and of course it was closed. Emilee LOVED Screamin California, I think she went on it 4 times. I got to go on Soaring California this time, that was a cool ride. We had so much fun. Little Krew was such a tropper. He just went along for the ride. The kids want to do it again next year.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Loved your post, Disneyland looked so fun! I need to take my girls there! Hope you are all doing well! MIss you.

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