Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures from Zane's ordeal...

This is all the kiddos at the corn maze. About 30 minutes later we would be at the ER.

Zane in the first ER, after having an IV placed and a shot of Morphine. My heart still breaks when I see this picture. Post surgery, waiting to see the big blue eyes again.

Still not feeling the best the day after surgery.Feeling better and ready to eat. This boy had sausage and eggs for breakfast every morning. Some mornings, I had to order seconds.Heading down for x-rays.

Where O'where is Zaner?He received lots of fun stuff. Cookies, baskets of toys, balloons, dinosaurs, and all kinds of fun stuff.A bath and a spike hair-do is a good reason to smile.Making crafts. They had the best crafts at PCH. Once he was feeling better, the kid didn't want to leave. He got food any time, any place, and any thing he wanted. Crafts, games, movies, people waiting on him, and he even got to see....Goofy. Goofy came and performed a magic show for the kids.This is the way we roll... On our way to have a PIC line put in. I spent the first few night sleeping like this.Had lots of visitors, Brother Andrew even came from Tucson.After a week eating out, Grandma brought family dinner to us! Nothing like a home cooked meal in the hospital cafeteria.Doctor Wade removing the wrappings.Zane had the best nurses and Doctors, they all loved him. Each time they came in and asked how he was doing he would respond with a great big smile, bright eyes, and his thumb up announcing "GREAT!"Zane had to receive antibiotics through a PIC line for 2 weeks after we came home from the hospital. It made me so nervous. The line was a direct IV line to his heart and it had to stay clean...very clean............. on a four year old boy. Yeah, it was not fun.And lastly, Zane got to sport really cool moon boots for 4 weeks after. He even still loves to wear them around.


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Bree said...

I love your kids, they're so cute! Praying for all of y'all!